Community Association Management (CAM) currently manages more than 50 Associations. CAM assists the Board of Directors by fulfilling the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of the association, while working as an independent contractor. Following is a list of the traditional services provided, however, please note that services may vary from association to association based on needs, Covenants and Bylaws requirements and the general desires of the membership and Board of Directors.

Administrative Management

  • Committed support to Board of Directors
  • Assistance with legal matters
  • Assistance with income/outgoing correspondence
  • Attendance at Board of Director meetings and Annual meeting
     - Prepare Meeting Minutes (if not prepared by the Association's secretary)
  • Monitoring of local/national laws and advice on pertinent legal issues
  • Obtaining competitive bids for services as requested by Board of Directors
  • Selection of insurance providers and polices with Board approval
  • Supervision of contractors hired by the association
  • Storage of Records
  • Unlimited telephone conferences and e-mail correspondence with Board of Directors
  • Newsletter preparation and mailing
  • Review and approval of submissions for Architectural Control Requests

Community Association Management prides itself in being a small company that produces large results.

Services Provided

Fiscal Management

  • Prompt handling of all homeowner inquiries
  • Assessment collection and bank deposits
  • Maintain owner database and roster
  • Assistance in preparation of the annual budget
  • Maintain accounts payable and check writing in accordance with the Association Bylaws
  • Preparation of monthly financials
  • Maintenance of a separate account for each homeowner
  • Processing and handling of delinquencies to include necessary legal action
  • Receipt, review, and processing of invoices for payment by association
  • Coordination with auditor to finalize annual tax return and audit, if required
  • Corporation filings with the State
  • Report generation 

Contact Information

Additional Services:

With agreed upon terms between CAM and the Association, the following additional services are provided.  

  • Revision of Association Declarations, Articles of Incorporation and/ or Bylaws
  • Participation in Lawsuits (not including collections)
  • Major Capital Improvement Project Management such as roofing and/ or painting
    >>Determining Bid Specifications       >>Solicitation of Bids            >>Project oversight

Physical Management

  • Perform site inspection on a regular basis
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Coordination of maintenance with insured vendors
  • Assistance in enforcement of community association covenants, conditions, and restricitons
  • Serve as a liasion for city/state/county authorities and insurance (police, fire, adjusters, neighborhood watch, etc.)
  • Full reporting to Board of Directors 

Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm


The Homeowner and Condominium Association Management Team